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"Your learning tools are phenomenal — you guys are the reason I am the best in my theory class."
- Daniel B., student, Mercer, PA

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| 18 Apr, 2017 |
Announcing our re-launch at a new address!

We're excited to announce the re-launch of eMusicTheory at a new address:

Unlike the old website, the new one works on mobile devices such as tablets and iPhones. It also works on modern browsers without requiring you to install anything.

The old site, eMusicTheory, will continue to be available, but we encourage you to try out the new one. If you are a teacher who already has an account on eMusicTheory, you can log in at the new site with your old username and password by clicking here. If you can't remember your password, you can reset it by entering your email here.

| 16 Feb, 2016 |
Welcome David Crane to eMusicTheory!

We're collaborating to gradually rebuild the eMusicTheory drills with more modern, flexible tech. The new drills don't need Java installed, can work on iOS and Chromebooks, and will let us get back to expanding the drills.

Try out the new note names and intervals drills! Feedback (and bug reports) welcome, of course. We'll be adding them as options for assignments soon, along with new versions of all of the other drills as well.

| 19 August, 2015 |
Website updates:
* update about page to show eMusicTheory is in stable maintenance mode, with only occasional development for the time being
* note that MIDI input on OS X seems to be broken (seeking workarounds)

| 4 September, 2011 |
Drill updates:
* added some drill versions in bass and alto clefs: key signatures in alto clef, and chord functions in both alto and bass clefs
* a few bugfixes to handling of MIDI input
* paced note names: smoother animation
* key signatures: bugfix when supporting minor keys
* changed audio in alto clef to use viola audio, not piano
* note names and paced note names: bugfix in choosing notes to test
* better options shortcuts for key signatures (in drills that use them), and particularly the key signatures drill

Website updates:
* redesigned student view of assignments: clarify what's done vs. what's next or due soon
* updated order form to cover submitting purchase orders by email

More updates on the way; as usual, let us know if you run into any problems using new features.

| 11 August, 2011 |
Knocked offline by a power outage:
Apologies! The data center that hosts had a serious power outage (despite backup power generators and redundant power sources...), and was offline for about half a day (if you're technically-inclined, the gory details are here).

Everything is back up now and running normally.

To put a more positive spin on it - since we started monitoring in 2008, we'd had less than 5 hours of downtime total, before this outage.

| 24 July, 2010 |
Expanding drill options:
* added "open strings" shortcut for selecting notes to test on violin/viola/cello/bass drills
* key signatures, chord functions: full control over key signatures tested
* chords and intervals: full control over possible root notes/ starting notes
* guitar frets, piano keys, paced note names: full control over notes tested

All existing assignments are automatically updated to ask the same questions.

| 30 June, 2010 |
A few bug fixes:
* For intervals/chords/scales, allow repeat questions if there are fewer than three possible questions configured.
* For some Java versions on Apple OS X, interval/chord/scale recognition wouldn't show you the dropdown options properly.

Also: ongoing tweaks to the look of the drills, and support added for displaying time signatures (for in-progress changes to the rhythm drills).

| 1 June, 2010 |
Enabled MIDI support for the online drills for students of subscribing teachers. It's available for any of practice drills, and for assignments if the teacher selects it.

Also: changes to the look of the drills are underway.

| 7 May, 2010 |
Some updates just for teacher accounts:

* Teacher admins: delete sub-teachers
* Export/import assignment definitions (share with other teachers, backup assignment sets that you've designed, or use to copy assignment sets)
* Much faster loading of custom assignment/student links page, even with tens of thousands of links.

| 4 April, 2010 |
Recently, the drills were also all upgraded to match the new look, and completely migrated from an older Java display technology to a newer one.

For you, this just means the minimum version of Java is now 1.4 instead of 1.1. For me, this means development is a lot easier! Here's one thing the drill upgrade made possible: MIDI support in the online drills. This won't be part of the free drills, but subscribing teachers will be able to enable MIDI input for their students — both in assignments and practicing in any of the drills. This is just about ready to go, and you can help testing with your MIDI setup (and let me know if you see any problems, of course).

There are also a bunch of little changes to the drills that I made along the way. A few examples:
* you can now request a hint in the note naming drills
* the space to show problems in the counterpoint drill is larger
* the scales drill now gives you better control of what key signatures to allow, and avoids "theoretical" key signatures automatically
* clicking "Stop Drill" disables the button for a few seconds, so you won't accidentally click it again and lose your score

One other change to mention: At the end of this school semester, I'm planning to disable printing the free drill pages. This won't affect most people at all — but some teachers assign the free drills to their students and ask for printouts to track scores, and I'd like to encourage them to use the inexpensive subscription service for tracking scores. Tons of useful features come included with your subscription, you can avoid wasting all that paper ...and eMusicTheory relies on subscriptions to survive.

(Will this cause you a problem? Write me about it -- I can probably help.)

| 13 February, 2010 |
eMusicTheory has a new look! Don't worry, everything is still here, just nicer-looking and hopefully easier to use. If you have any trouble finding things, scroll to the bottom of any page to see a site map.

The overhaul (including some technology upgrades) was a lot of work, but it will make adding new features to the site quicker and easier.

Speak up if you run into problems, of course. This is the big first step in rolling out a lot of changes that you'll see appearing over the next couple of months. A drill upgrade is close to ready as well.

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An announcement: introducing

D'Addario & Co. have created a new site designed to be a hub for music education: At its core is a large (and growing) resource library for students and teachers — videos, articles, sheet music, and plenty of interactive content.

D'Addario is partnering with to help populate this diverse library of resources, so you'll recognize some of the interactivity there! We're thrilled, of course; it gives us a chance to join in building a larger single resource than any one site can create on their own, plus teachers using TheLessonRoom who aren't already familiar with eMusicTheory can come try us out.

Their other killer feature is a world-wide teacher search: private teachers can register for free to be included in the teacher directory, where students can find you by location, instruments taught, musical style, or a score of other parameters. Many people have asked us for this kind of directory before — now through this partnership we can finally provide it! D'Addario has populated the directory with thousands of teachers who already work with them through other programs, so searches come back with plenty of local teachers even though the site is still new.