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Practice, practice, practice.

Learning music is like learning a new language. You need a good teacher to show you the ropes, but you also need to practice what you're learning — a lot — before it will feel natural and easy. To learn a language you have to use it.

The eMusicTheory drills are more fun than writing in answers on paper, or doing problems in a book. Plus, you know right away if you get one wrong (and sometimes you can get a hint).

What does it cost?

Not much! The full suite of drills is only $12 (US dollars; other currencies available).

You can also use limited versions of the eMusicTheory drills online for free (no MIDI support, and your options aren't saved): check our free resources.

What if I don't have a teacher?

If you don't have a teacher, there are a lot of good websites where you can learn the basics. It may also help you to get a book to guide you.

Here is a list of links to helpful resources for learning music theory.

You can also visit our discussion forum to talk theory with other students, musicians, and teachers.