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Practice, practice, practice.

Learning how to read and understand music is like learning a new language. You can teach your students what they need to know, and keep them on the right track.

But they'll progress very slowly if they don't practice what they're learning.

So where does come in?

Subscribing to lets you spend more time doing what you're best at — teaching! Not making up new worksheets and tests (you can assign your students a selected drill, at a selected level, with the click of a few buttons). And not spending endless time correcting student answers or drilling them in class (you can view and print student scores online for each assignment).

Can I try it out before I subscribe?

Yes! There is a demo account that you can use to try out many of the features that are available. Sign in as a teacher and set up a student or two.  Create a few assignments... then sign in as one of your students and see what it's like.

IMPORTANT: this demo teacher account is shared, so anyone else may sign in and change the students and assignments you set up. You shouldn't require your real-life students to do any of these test assignments.

Here's the username and password for the demo teacher (sign in here):
  username: teacher
  password: music

Want to try it out with your real students? Just subscribe for a single month (it's not expensive; see prices) and see how it goes. If it's not working for you, just don't buy more months; it's simple, and we won't pester you about renewing (though your feedback is very welcome!).

Can I just ask my students to use the free drills?

Yes; the practice drills and interactive theory pages are free for anyone to use.

We don't recommend asking your students to print out and hand in their scores:
· We will be removing the ability to print the drills in mid-2010, because of the reasons below:
· Some browsers do not print Java applets (so the printout will just show a gray box where the drill should be)
· Students can choose any settings they want, so it's simple to cheat
· This is the purpose of the inexpensive subscription service. We do not sell advertising or allow any outside companies to advertise to our visitors, mailing list members, or subscribers; the development of the drills and the hosting of the website are entirely paid for by subscribers and software purchases.