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Help: Problems with the Drills

The eMusicTheory drills use the free Java™ plugin. Java problems are the most common cause if the drills aren't working correctly.

On this page:

Java check

We're checking your browser.  Result:

Please enable JavaScript for this page to work correctly.

Java not found or not enabled!

If you don't see your version of Java above within 10 seconds or so, you don't have a working version installed. Some computers come with this free software already installed (all versions of Apple OS X, and many Windows computers), but not all of them. You also might be working on a public or school computer where Java has been disabled.

Java works... but the drill is partly cut off

Try resetting the zoom in your browser:

Make sure Java is enabled in your browser

Download the Java™ Software

(New: Try a partly-automated installation which should bring you back here when it's complete.)

Download the latest Java software from

Click where it says "Free Java Download".  You will either see a screen saying "Java Software Installed" if you already have it, or you will be able to begin the installation.

Use the online install option if you can: then it's a smaller download.

Clearing Java's cache

We've seen some problems caused by corrupted versions of our drills cached by Java on your computer. You can clear that cache to force Java to download a fresh copy of the drill from us.

Reinstalling Java (on Windows)

Still having problems or seeing weird behavior? Reinstalling Java can fix many problems if you are running Windows.

Checking the Java Console for errors

If Java is working (and you see your version number in green at the top of this page BUT the drills still don't work, there may be an error message in the Java Console that can help us figure out what's going wrong.

First, check the Tools menu of your browser. Click "Java Console" or "Sun Java Console".
If you don't have that option, you'll need to enable it:

Close all browser windows before trying the drill again.

When you have tried to run the drill again, check the console window (it will pop up on its own, or select from the Tools menu of your browser), and use the "Copy" button on the console, then paste that into your email to us.


Did you find some other solution to your problem? Are there mistakes on this page?

Contact us so we can make this page better.