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Sorry, printing is disabled for the free drills.

This is to encourage teachers to use the inexpensive subscription service for tracking scores. Tons of useful features come included with your subscription, you can avoid wasting all that paper ...and eMusicTheory relies on subscriptions to survive.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and please contact me with any feedback!

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Are the notes written an octave too high? No - the guitar is a transposing instrument.
Music for the guitar is written one octave higher than pitch actually played.

Getting started

  • Click "Settings..." to change the way the drill works — you can control which notes you'll be asked, and if sounds will play.
  • Click "Start Drill" to see your first question.
  • You'll see a staff with a note on it. Identify the note by clicking the correct fingering on the guitar, between frets (click behind the nut for an open string).
  • If you get it right, you'll get another note to identify. If you were wrong the drill will "shake", and you can try again.
  • When you're done working, click "Stop Drill".

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