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Sorry, printing is disabled for the free drills.

This is to encourage teachers to use the inexpensive subscription service for tracking scores. Tons of useful features come included with your subscription, you can avoid wasting all that paper ...and eMusicTheory relies on subscriptions to survive.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and please contact me with any feedback!

- Rob Whelan


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Getting started

  • Click "Settings..." to change the way the drill works — you can control the difficulty level, and if sounds will play. If you set Play Sounds to "No", the drill will use a flashing metronome and a flashing rhythm light, instead of a click and a bassoon performing the rhythm.
  • Click "Start Drill" to see your first question.
  • You'll see an empty staff. This is where you will fill in the rhythm you hear.
  • Click "Play Rhythm" to hear it. You will hear a 4-beat introduction (a beep for each quarter note) so you can get a feel for the tempo, then the rhythm will play.
  • Click the note buttons to enter the note durations you heard, one at a time.
  • As you click the right notes, they'll show up on the staff. When you choose a wrong note, the drill will "shake", and you can try again.
  • When you are done adding the entire rhythm, you'll go on automatically to the next rhythm.
  • If you need a hint and want to hear the rhythm again, click "Play Again (hint)".
  • If you want to give up and see the answer, click "Give Up".
  • When you're done working, click "Stop Drill".

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