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teacher subscriptions: pricing

Have a question that isn't answered below? Waiting for a specific feature before you subscribe? Let us know.

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are priced per-month. You may purchase up to a year at a time — there are no automatic or recurring charges. If you're enjoying your subscription, just renew it when your months run out.

Here are the current rates:
Teacher account including up to 25 students: $9/month
Teacher account(s) including 26 - 75 students: $19/month
Teacher account(s) including 76 - 150 students: $35/month
Teacher account(s) including 151 - 300 students: $65/month
Over 300 students (by purchase order only): add $10/month per 50 students added
    (example: up to 450 students = $65 + $10 + $10 + $10 = $95/month)

Are there other charges (per-student, for example)?

No — the teacher subscription includes everything. To calculate a per-student cost instead, divide the subscription cost by your number of students (it's as low as 22 cents per student a month!).

We have three professors on the faculty teaching music theory... do we need three subscriptions?

No — any subscription for 26 or more students can include multiple teacher accounts (each one with its own assignments, classes, and students). This feature is automatically enabled. For more information or to ask about complicated setups, feel free to contact us.

Can I get a discount for purchasing a lot of months in advance?

It's more convenient for you, but there's no special discount. We've put some thought into this — if you're subscribing for the first time, we don't want to push you into buying a lot of months. If you realize it's not working out for you after 2 months but you paid for 2 years, we either have to deal with refunds or a teacher who feels like they've been tricked.

There are also many schools and private teachers who are much more comfortable paying for small amounts at a time, because of limited budgets, and we don't want to penalize them for that.

How long will it take to set up my account?

It's all automatic if you're paying online: just subscribe (creating your account) and buy months with a credit card... and you can start giving out assignments immediately.

If you're buying months with a school purchase order or check, don't worry! We're a registered vendor in more and more school districts around the USA, but even if there's paperwork to get through before a purchase in your district can go through, you can get still get started earlier — just tell us us the details of the purchase order you've requested (number of months, student limit, PO number if available) and we'll credit you early.

It's purely "honor system", but this has been eMusicTheory policy for more than 7 years now with no problems yet, so we're sticking with it (it looks like school music teachers are a pretty honest bunch...).

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