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Subscribing teachers should sign in here.

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Who should sign in here?

Any teacher who is subscribed to the eMusicTheory service can sign in here to manage their student list, build assignments, and check student scores.

Can I try it out?

Sure! Sign in as the "demo" teacher:
username: teacher
password: music

You can set up a few assignments, set up a test student, etc. Then sign in as the student to do the assignment!

Important: Anyone can view and make changes to this demo account, so you should not enter any personal information about yourself or your actual students.

I can't sign in — what should I do?

If your subscription has expired, you will still be able to sign in, but you will see the subscription payment page automatically. You will need to purchase more months before you will be able to sign in again.

If you are typing your username or password incorrectly, you will see a message explaining that "I didn't recognize that username/password combination."

If you've forgotten your username or password, click the link under the sign-in form to enter your email address and request a reminder email.

If you still need help (your email address has changed, for example) just contact us.

My subscription expired — what will happen to my students and assignments?

Don't worry. All of your information will be saved for at least a year after your subscription expires, in case you decide to re-activate your subscription. Your students cannot sign in while your subscription is not active, but they can sign on again immediately once you have purchased more months.